We just got back from our 2-week Asia trip so want to share while it’s still fresh in our minds. I did a LOT of planning and research for this trip. B had an intense couple of months at work so I wanted to make sure it was stress-free! So I’m going to try to be detailed as possible in case anyone want to reference our itinerary.

First stop: Taipei.

We stayed here for a total of 3 days and 4 nights. The main reason we decided to add Taipei to the trip was because of one thing: food.

We went by two night markets: Tonghua and Raohe. Tried a bunch of stuff and learned that if there’s a long line, it’s probably worth it to wait!

Yong He – what I craved the most: Chinese breakfast.
Note: Taipei is not a morning city…nothing else was open before 11am.


段纯贞牛肉面 (Duan Chun Zhen Beef Noodle) – more of a braised broth with wide noodles which we loved. The broth was really flavorful but was way too salty to drink on its own.

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Lin Dong Fang – a popular hole-in-the-wall that’s open until 4am. Their beef noodle was lighter in broth (which I loved, B not so much) with thinner noodles.

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Limei Restaurant for lu rou fan (braised pork with rice) – Got the small luo ru fan and oyster pancake. Wish we could eat more but to eat everything that we wanted, we had tons of little meals.

We also took a day trip to Jiufen/Shifen. It’s about an hour by train outside of Taipei and then we took a short taxi ride from the Jiufen train station to Jiufen old street. All taxis there have set prices for the destinations around Jiufen so didn’t have to worry about getting scammed. Jiufen old street is basically an endless network of small alleys with food vendors and souvenir shops.


We then hired one taxi to take us to Shifen, waited for us for an hour and then took us back to our hotel in Taipei for 1500TWD. It was getting late and B was still jet lagged so didn’t want to go through the trouble of going back to Jiufen train station again. We spent an hour there looking at all the lanterns being released and also made our own lantern. Think this was probably our favorite part of the Taipei trip!

We also paid a visit to the Aquatic Development. Even though we were heading to Japan next, we didn’t want to miss this modern fish market with super fresh seafood!


Airport: arrived in Taoyuan. Cab to downtown Taipei was around 1100TWD (~$35). Make sure you have cash. We left Taipei from Songshan, which was a 10min drive from our hotel.
Hotel: Home Hotel Da-an. Nicely designed boutique hotel that’s convenient to multiple subway stations and shopping centers.
SIM: pick up at Chunghwa Telecom booth in the arrivals lobby. $10USD for 5 days of unlimited data. Just need to show your passport and they will give you a temporary SIM card. (Make sure your phone is unlocked of course!)
Transportation: Can take subway around but Uber there is super cheap. If traveling with two or more, it’s definitely worth it to take Ubers around. All our trips were $4 or less. Also the drivers there are so nice and more than happy to make multiple stops.

Next stop: Tokyo


3 thoughts on “TAIPEI

  1. Nice pics! Love you and B’s photography. I loved Taipei too, it was prob one of my fav stops on my SE Asia trip last year and Jiufen was one of my unexpected favorites (wasn’t even on my radar when I got to Taipei, took a taxi one random afternoon). Didn’t go to Shifen where the lanterns were! Looking forward to the rest of your trip.


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